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Welcome to Real English®, a completely free open source site ideal for blended learning: original videos, interactive lessons, an English teacher always present to help you, and a community of teachers & students learning together. Extra activities on FB!       Also... Real English DVDs!

The video below provides one example of the new 2014 Real English® "South Beach" series of clips. When finished, there will be ten new HD clips from Miami Beach, all with their lessons. The video below includes subtitles, but as you will see in the exercises, we insist that learners watch short sections of each main video, one section at a time, without subtitles. It is extremely important for students to train their ears before reading. The varied exercises exploit the videos in many interesting ways, also paving the way for intensive listening without frustration!

Watch the video and click on Exercise 1.

Learning English on the Street,
a short message for ESL teachers:

Real English ESL

Real English® is an extensive online video library of spontaneous dialogues of people interviewed in English-speaking countries, organized according to traditional functional, lexical and grammatical criteria despite the obvious spontaneity of the interviews.

In other words, Real English is based on a very simple idea, the organization and pedagogical exploitation of spontaneous speech.

"Spontaneous" goes way beyond the current catchword of "authentic" video, which most often refers to Hollywood films as content for ESL/EFL teachers & students. There are no actors in Real English®. Students tend to identify with ordinary people, i.e., the famous interviewees, especially when we put them on the spot.

In addition to the video, we make extraordinary interactive lessons for the short (easily digestible) portions of the videos for the exercises. Our most recent lesson (81) includes 100 exercises for 8 short interviews. There is so much natural repetition that even the difficult passages are appropriated by learners in a natural way, watching real people being themselves. Ideal for blended learning!

You might have already read about what the experts think about Real English®, but what about the students and their teachers?

Here are some comments made in 2014, when users signed up for our newsletter. Other comments were made on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. We have not edited any of these comments:

name: Silvia
message: Very useful lessons and exercises. There's no way not learning!!! Congrats.

name: Luciane
message: This site is very useful! I'm learning a lot. Thank you so much! It's a wonderful idea! I hope you'll continue adding more exercises! big hug

name: Penni Gould
message: This is fabulous! Your materials are so innovative and so right on the mark! It's impossible to find natural English listening activities out there. They're all so "canned". Please make more with advanced grammar and some phrasal verbs please!!!

name: Asim Yalniz
message: The language is authentic and the topics have been chosen well. Thank you. A very good reference for my students to do revision through.

name: Jorge
message: i like this lesson are simple but they really helps you

name: carfanu
message: Very cool and useful for new learners. I'm very happy to have found Real English as a teaching tool for my students. The lessons are authentic and into what Real English is all about! Loved it!!

name: Dragan
message: This is amazing.

name: David Caicedo Gordon
message: I think this is a great website. I hope to contribute with any lessons plans for the videos I will be using. Congrats!

name: Rodrigo
message: GREAT It actually helps us in learning

name: Maria Rodriguez
message: I love to learn with these exercises. I think they are well designed.

name: Pay Facio
message : Dear all, Just a brief email to say "thank you". I've been using your videos with my students and they really work! So useful to have real English videos! Thanks a lot!

name: Duber
message: These videos are awesome!

name: beatriz arbaizar
message: Real English is one of the most interesting places of study English that I've nener found. I would like -if it is possible- to dispose some more lessons of intermediate -avanced level. congratulation. bea

name: Carlos S
message: Thanks very much!! I love Real English!

name: Oksana (Ukraine)
message: I just dropped in to thank you for your wonderful videos that are so natural and fun. It was a really brilliant idea to launch your project and a great opportunity to learn English outside the language environment. Thanks again,

name: Giuliano Batista Scariot
message: well, I'v been using your videos in my classes since 2008 and the result which I have in each class is amazing...these videos really help my studends. As well as people who decide to study by their own, congratulations

name: Nelma Carvalho Lage
message: I like this site very much because its is easy to understand and the student can learn english step by step. THANKS A LOT.

name: Belen
message: Thank you for uploading such useful videos! I want to let you know that I'm a teacher of English and I ALWAYS include your videos in my lessons! Thanks so much for working so hard for all of us! Keep on like this! Best, Belen

name: minefield
message: hi guys.I'm amir from iran. i write you from the bottom of my heart. East or West, real english is best.

message: So funny, I like it, great job!!! From Brazil ;)

name: tekinayse
message: I liked this video so much especially the part of Alejandra speaks. She is so lovely and i liked what she speaks about learning Eng."nothing is impossible in life if you really try hard."I hope one day in the future I will be able to speak english like her:) I want to thank to you for all your's so helpful and useful.I really appreciate what you are doing.I am grateful to you.i've been improving my english with your way.Greetings from Turkey!

name: Helmut
message: Very good for speaking english

name: Isabel
message: Wonderful system of learning english, thanks

name: Michael Wu
message: it's really a cool site which I have just found, I totally love it

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Michael Marzio interviewed by Jack Askew of teaching esl !
More than 30 different languages

More than 30 different languages
The Following Instructions for using Real English have been translated into 38 languages by students & teacher volunteers who use this site.
  1. Go here and choose a lesson.
  2. Watch the video at the top, without subtitles.
  3. Click on "Exercise 1". Follow the instructions. Do all the exercises.
  4. Now watch the video with subtitles.
Instructions in Korean and Armenian have just been added.

You can record yourself and compare your pronunciation to the teacher's pronunciation in the Real English Exercises, thanks to Java.

The latest updates of Java have made this a bit difficult, so I made this tutorial to show you how to allow java to work with the voice recorder.

You can also save your recording and send it to me as an email attachment if you want more help with your pronunciation. Another free service from Real English!

Java is probably already installed on your computer. Update it if necessary, and then follow the instructions in this tutorial:

Alex Rosas (Universidad Autуnoma del Carmen) posted on our Facebook page:

...Believe me, your videos are a great help and a very important way to practice for non native students/speakers! Your videos not only help students to learn grammar, comprehend a real conversation and improve pronunciation but also realize the importance of interaction, how people interact in the different situations you present in your videos. I do believe you do a great job with your videos. I like that you take the time to edit with and without CC (closed captions) on separate videos because in that way you understand everything you did not understand in the video without CC. Thanks a lot Real English!!!!

Real English and Esl Video!

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name: laudenir santos
message: very good to learn english, and is free ,it gives a chance for anyone to learn.

name: Wagner
message: This website is awe-inspiring, especially for English teachers. Congratulations on your effort to help people learn this beautiful language. Cheers, Wagner English Coach.

name: António Da Silva
message: This page is as addictive as facebook, Actually it's about to grow more and more.

name: THU THU
Comments: This program very very useful to me. Thanks you very much everybody in Real English Program Team. Have a great future all of you......

name : Ronald S M Souza
message : I want fo say thank you very much.. I just discovered your site one week ago and I am enjoyng it a lot. I hope I can improved my knowledge on English. Best Regards Ronald

name: Mohammed
message: Hi .The lesson was great .Thanks for your nice and useful site.perfect.

name: Monica Pacheco
message: Your site is great! Thanks so much for your inspiration ! Thanks for sharing and caring! Best Wishes, monica

name: sandra
message: I'm very happy: Real English it's the best course in the world...also for the italian like me. Thank you. I hope to improve.

name: Loren
message: I love this site. It is good to improve my English!

name: Hien Bui
message: I really really love Real English. It's very funny. It's easy for me to remember ,too. Thank you so much indeed!

name: Claudio
message: This course is very good to practice even when you speak English well. I'm taking your course every day. It's being very well for me to remember how to pronounce some words. It's fantastic. - Today my lesson was fantastic. I could remember colors and the possessive case with "Whose". Thanks.

name : Lisseth Garay
message : I love Real English is the most complete program in the web if you want to learn english.

name: lukisanmoses
message: You are amazingly helping a lot of people, you really know our need. Great teacher. God bless you! Thanks.

name: Louis
message: Hello, My name is Louis, I'm Brazilian, and I've been studying English for two years. I'd like to say thank you, and congratulations for your videos and your job, you are brilliant. I've been searching the internet, trying to fink the kind of materials which could put me in touch with the British language and culture. You did it! Thanks - Louis

name: Daniel
message: Hi! platform is fun work!

name: alexbonki
message: I've been a subscriber for a long time and have never posted a comment. Well, I just want to say to you, Mr Marzio...that you're great! I'm an EFL Consultant from Brazil and I need to say that all my students love the videos and they really would like to be interviewed by you and your Real English crew! And so would I. Thanks a lot for your work and keep it up! Cheers!

name: David
message: Your site is amazing and useful for me. Thank You very much, sir.

name: Malaquias H. de Oliveira
message: I'm astonished by your dedications in this accurat and efficient material that comes at appropriate time. Thank you all.

name: sarbjeet kaur
message: i want to say thanks to you from the deep of my heart .. thank you for providing that site. it really helps me to improve english in easy way.