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            South Beach, Miami 2008 - Colonel Roberts

Colonel Roberts is making these people do push-ups on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.

Why is the Colonel making this woman and her son exercise?
Are they soldiers?


Push-ups! esl efl video learn english

Watch the normal version (without the English subtitles) first, and afterwards, watch the version with the subtitles.

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Exercises coming soon! In the meantime, students can watch this version with precise closed captions, or English subtitles:


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Brazilian Foot Volley - What's that?

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Colonel Roberts- esl efl video learn english
You will find the answer in the video. As you will see, he's a Colonel at the Military Academy for Troubled Boys.

For Upper Intermediate
and Intermediate students.

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  We met the Colonel while we were filming for
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Brazilian Foot Volley


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