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esl efl video learn english Update: Dec.16, 2013

3 CD-Roms! - Set 1 for Beginners contains 2 disks + CD-ROM 3 for Intermediate Students

esl efl video learn englishGiven the revolutionary nature of this material in the world of ESL, numerous critical reviews have been written by the ESL departments of American Universities and other ESL/EFL organizations. Read some testimonials that we've collected over the years.

Real English CD-ROMs include 8 types of exercises which put all four skills to work: listening, speaking, typing, and reading. These include a very wide range of all the very useful techniques such as multiple choice, fill-ins, matching, etc., based on the video being studied. Voice recognition exercises are implemented, not only to test and improve the learner’s oral comprehension skills, but also to give him additional motivation to practice speaking.

Grammar and cultural notes are interjected every time the spontaneity of the video brings up a noteworthy point to be learned.

The user has easy, constant access to a glossary containing every word and phrase heard or read in the CD-ROMs.

What level is Real English designed for?

This is usually a straightforward, easy-to-answer question, but in the case of Real English, an important nuance must be taken into consideration: the structures in CD-ROMs 1 and 2 are designed for beginners, but the often shocking reality of spontaneous speech makes them challenging for learners at higher levels, including the advanced.

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