Real English DVDs !
Three DVDs - The Complete Set - Beginner to Advanced, with the Real English® Instructor's Guide and 3 Student Workbooks, including over 500 pages of exercises, quizzes, and activities concerning the videos, and other useful material for using the clips in the classroom, or for homework.

The Instructor's Guide helps new teachers learn how to effectively use videos in class, with emphasis on techniques specific to Real English®.

Also includes a free bonus for a limited time: our 3 interactive CD-ROMs!

50% for a limited time!For teachers and students of English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL & EFL) of all ages, from 7 to 97.
Numerous critical reviews have been written by the ESL departments of American Universities and other ESL/EFL organizations.

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1 - THREE DVDs , approx. 100 minutes in duration. This is our great classic, includes all 3 parts with new precise menus for choosing specific Video Lessons, in perfect sync with the Real English books.

2 - A Very Generous Licence:
The right to make as many as 3 copies of each of the 4 disks for your own language school (a single center) or an individual teaching situation. Granting permission of 4 x 3 copies of Real English® DVD and Book CD disks is our generous gesture for those of you who prefer to remain legal, and share with other teachers at the same time. Real English® is a Registered Trademark of The Marzio School. All Rights Reserved.

3 - The 3 printable & photocopiable RE® PDFs on one CD:
The Student Workbooks include over 500 pages of exercises, quizzes, and activities concerning the videos, and other useful material for using the clips in the classroom, or for homework (on Disk # 4 exclusively).

4 - Our interactive CD-ROMs if you act quickly, normal price € 129! If you want to buy the CD-ROMs only, please see this page.

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DVD Contents in Detail

Real English® Menu Choices DVD 1

144-page Workbook included, 38 minutes
1.1 - Hi! Greetings, verb to be affirmative, negative, interrogative
1.2 - Name Possessive adjectives, contractions, first name, last name
1.3 - A B C Alphabet, can/could you spell that?, numbers, addresses, telephone numbers
1.4 - From Where are you from? Who, what, which, nationality, adjectives-opposites
1.5 - How old Numbers, how old? ages, about, between, how much? foreign currencies
1.6 - Married Married, single, divorced, separated, engaged, how much/many, why, because
1.7 - Job Jobs, imperatives, object pronouns
1.8 - Color/colour Colours, fruits, vegetables, clothes, whose?
1.9 - This is This is.., members of the family, this/that, these/those, possessive pronouns
1.10 - Time Time (British & American), days of the week, months, dates, prepositions
1.11 - Weather Weather,, adverbs of frequency, seasons, cardinal points, maps
1.12 - Astrological sign Astrological signs,, dates, when?
1.13 - 5 Nationalities Adjectives describing people, is there/are there, some/any
1.14 - Bye! Farewells, replying "thank you", final activities

Real English® Menu Choices DVD 2

155-page Workbook included, 32 minutes
2. The present continuous:
2.1 Doing
2.2 Wearing
2.3 Going (to a place)
3. Can:
3.1 Can you play...?
3.2 Can you cook...?
3.3 What else can you do?
4. Directions: Lost in England
4.1 Have got
4.2 Do you have
5. The present simple:
5.1 Do (work)
5.2 Do (fun)
5.3 Time and frequency
5.4 Live
5.5 Like (something)
5.6 How long does it take
5.7 Think of the English

Real English® Menu Choices DVD 3

148-page Workbook included, 33 minutes
6.1 Like to do
6.2 Like Doing
7. Going to (do, be)
8. Was, were
8.1 Born
8.2 Good at school
9. The simple past
9.1 Yesterday
9.2 When did you meet?
9.3 When you left school?
10. Used to do
11.1 Comparatives
11.2 Superlatives
11.3 The most beautiful language
12. The present perfect
12.1 Have done
12.2 For, since
12.3 Abroad
12.4 Have been, did
12.5 Have been doing
13. Best year
14. If you won...?
15. Achieve
16. Coincidence

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General Description of Real English®
by Mark Ellison Taylor

Our DVDs are best described by Mark Ellison Taylor, an EFL guru and teacher in London. His observations are are truly objective and he said everyting that we would hope a critic would say! This is VERY rare. Mark created the original EFL Web site.

Reproduced with his permission:

"Hundreds of passersby, tourists, businessmen and students on the streets of New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, London, Dublin, and a dozen other cities are all interviewed. The collection of responses is a most effective and entertaining tool for the classroom.

Changing accents and the good humor of both interviewer and interviewee ensure that the sequences are always engaging. Teachers find Real English as entertaining as students .

For each video there is a Video Workbook with exercises related to the sequences on video. All three books use illustrations to enhance the exercises. Transcripts of the videos and answer keys are also included at the back of each book.

An instructor's guidebook ensures that even beginner teachers will get the most out of the method by following the step-by-step classroom activity suggestions. The instructions in the front of each book ask you to watch each sequence 2 or 3 times and then complete the corresponding exercise in the book. Each sequence contains several interviews.

If you have problems understanding the sequences you are directed to watch the video again, pausing after each interview you have not understood. Once completed, you can check your answers in the back of the book. To verify further that you have understood what has been said, you can follow the transcript to the video.

In normal classroom environments, the transcripts are not read until they are understood using the listening comprehension techniques presented in the instructor's guidebook.

A problem with classroom-based teaching is the absence of variety. If students cannot understand the language outside the classroom because they have become so familiar with the accents of their own teacher, the course has failed. This series meets this requirement by bringing practice with real people from all over the globe to the classroom. The videos are broken up with musical interludes, songs that lead nicely into each new sequence. The sequence number and title also appear on screen. This makes finding your place in the video easy if you plan to use parts of it over the course of a term.

Video 1 is 38 minutes long and contains 14 sequences. Video # 2, 34 minutes in length, containing 15 sequences. The 36-minute Video 3 contains 21 sequences.

To prevent these fast paced interviews from dulling the senses, humor is introduced. For example, when the interviewer attempts to elicit a response from a vagrant holding a beer.

My favorite sequence had the interviewer walk up to unsuspecting interviewees and ask 'What are you doing?' in the Doing Exercise of Video 2. The friendly tone is helped also by the often merry attitude of the interviewees themselves. Not an unhappy soul in the place. This makes all three videos attractive to watch.

The use of interviewees from several non-English speaking countries will help an EFL student to identify with them. Real English videos are, without question, extremely useful resources for any ESL teacher's bag of tricks."

by Mark Ellison Taylor, founder of the original EFL WEB. Reproduced with his permission.