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Old News (Archives)

September 19, 2008
- We're working on a new set of lessons specific to French learners of English, and their particular difficulties. Also, we're filming and editing new videos for Everybody.

August 5, 2008 -
the New Lessons page has grown and now it's time to change cap once again. The really important news won't appear here until September 1st.

July 7, 2008
We're completing one new lesson every 6 to 10 days, so keep an eye on the New Lessons page for the latest.

June 29, 2008

A New Review of Real English from EFL 2.0 Blog

June 26, 2008

300 New Exercises, and this fun job continues...

Mike has recently completed over 100 new exercises for beginners with help from the teachers at the Marzio School. The new lessons are summarized here. They are free-access. No need to sign up or log in.

We always hesitate when we use terms like "beginner" and "intermediate", since Real English is real, and real means normal speed, which means fast to the ears of all learners of English as a Second Language. This is why the so called "beginner" lessons seem like essential review for higher levels.

These lessons are chock full of pictures and audio files in addition to the videos in order to "explain" without using words which beginners can't understand. In other words, we think we have succeeded in providing coherent exercises for beginners working alone, which is not an easy task!

Many of the exercises beginning with Lesson 9 have been contributed by Glenys Hanson. She has also made new versions of her exercises. Many thanks to her and the applied linguistics center of her University (Université de Franche Compté in France).

As you will see, her exercises are quite different from the ones made by Mike and Company.

Comments are always welcome. Feedback from teachers is precious:
mike AT real-english.com

April 5th , 2008 - Updated news is also found on the
Real English blog.

Here are some highlights:

200 clips South Beach, Miami

Our first video campaign of 2008
asks "What's the best way of learning a Second Language? These new clips provide excellent advice for all learners of any language. The 4th clip in this series asks the question "Why learn a Second Language in the first place?"

As you will see, the question is not as stupid as it may sound. Moreover, it is a controversial subject in the Miami area. Why is that?

IntervieweesTwo years ago, we interviewed Maira and Roberta from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, while videotaping on the island of Nantucket in Massachusetts, USA. Like many other of our interviewees who were surprised to see themselves online, Maira sent us an interesting message.

New lessonsNew Exercises and Lessons: we are taking a short break from videomaking in order to concentrate on new lessons. For beginners, the exercises require that you sign up from the main page. These are very comprehensive exercises providing 60 to 80 hours of work for beginners.

For other levels, you will find free-access exercises such as this Pre-Intermediate lesson dealing with "Can" (to be able to do something) which will be finished by the time you read this.

For Upper Intermediate students, you'll find a short Topical/Grammatical lesson dealing with Women and the Second Conditional tense.

For Beginners and Intermediate students, we have a new set of exercises designed for students to find or create Questions based on the answers they hear.

All 80+ Video Sections will all have lessons with exercises before the end of 2008. We will add a new entry here every time an additional lesson is completed.

Exercise-making is the most time consuming job we have at Real English. Thankfully, the teachers at the language school which created Real English find lesson-making a most rewarding experience, based on teacher and student feedback so far.

Please contact us by email if you have a lesson request, or if you are a teacher interested in helping out with creating exercises based on Real English videos. There are possibilities of financial rewards for exercise makers.

  The Classic Collection of Videos and Lessons

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