Real English ESL - Lesson 1 - Exercise 3 - Grammar for Real Beginners

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Verb Review: Be - Present Tense
Subject + Verb
Singular Plural


I amWe are I'm We're
You areYou are You're You're
He is - She is - It isThey are He's - She's - It's They're

I am from New Jersey.
The people in the red car are from New Jersey, too.

Jill and Cheryl are from the U.S.A.

Mario is from Italy.

Watch the video. Type the verbs is and are.

Review of verb to be. See lesson 1.
Examples of contractions:
= I am from Toronto. = I'm from Toronto.
We're = We are
from Toronto. = We are from Toronto.
He's = He is from Toronto. = He is from Toronto.
Howie says: "We're from Toronto, Canada" (with contraction, We are = We're).
Listen to Howie:
Listen to me:   

Type the verbs without contractions (is or are or am).
Howie from Toronto, Canada. Irving, Stevie, and David from Toronto, Canada, too.