Lesson 15 - What else can you do? - Exercise 14

Can Maria Speak any foreign languages? Preview of the ESL Adverbs Lesson


Maria with subtitles: 

Reminder: Try to do the exercise WITHOUT watching the video with subtitles. Watch the subtitled version AFTER doing the exercise. Listen many times without subtitles. Your pronunciation will be much better!
Type the missing words. Click on [?] for help, and click on Hint if necessary for a free letter.
Use CAPITAL (UPPER CASE) letters when necessary. This exercise is case sensitive because English is case sensitive.

  Record and compare. Watch the videos. Listen to the teacher. Record again. Listen to yourself. Record again. Type the answers.   

What nationality is Maria?


Maria speaks she speaks 4 languages: , English, somewhat , and, of course, Russian.

She makes a little mistake when she says "I speak somewhat French". The correct sentence is "I speak French ."

Why? What's the grammar rule?
The correct placement of adverbs is somewhat complicated (difficult)! There are 5 types of adverbs. Some come before the verb, and others come after the verb.
This adverb (somewhat) is an adverb of degree. They come after the verb. There is a good explanation of adverbs at the esl about site.