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Lesson 15 - Exercise 9

What else can you do?
Watch the videos. Type the missing words.

Type the missing words. Click on [?] for help, and click on Hint if necessary for a free letter.
Michael can films. In the future, he (to) direct films.

Record and compare. Watch the videos. Listen to the teacher. Record again. Listen to yourself. Record again. Type the answers.

Raina can use her brain. She can bridge. Last year, she (to) play bridge.
Vocabulary note 1: Raina says "I can use my brain".

We use our brains to think!

drawing of brain © Jeffrey Aarons
Vocabulary note 2: The question in this section is "What else can you do?".

"Else" is both an adverb and an adjective.

Adverb: In a different or additional place, time or way: For example,
"I can't clean this grill with soap and water. What else can I try?

Adjective: Other or different: For example,
"I don't know the answer. Ask somebody else.

It also means additional or more: The waiter in my favorite restaurant
always asks me:
"Would you like anything else?"

How is "else" used in the video? As an adverb or as an adjective?

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