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to get together with someone
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countable noun

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A name is a word meaning what somebody or something is called.


This piece of fruit is called a banana. It's called a banana. = Its name is banana.

He's called John. = His name is John.

real english
happy, satisfied, or content

real english
to perceive with eyes
adverb and adjective

real english
Very emphasizes adverbs and adjectives.
very well
adverbs and adjectives

real english
in a very good condition
well/not well
adverbs and adjectives

well = in a good or pleasing condition

not well = in a bad condition
you guys
informal subject pronoun (slang).

a guy (informal noun) = a man, a fellow.
"You guys"
is slang used as "You" in the plural for both men and women (American origin but now also used in the UK).

real english
You in the plural, for men and women, or boys and girls (informal, or slang)
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