Real English Lesson 2 - Exercise 6 - Grammar for Beginners

Read, Listen, Record, and Compare!

Verb "to be" in the present:

I am Mike. = My name is Mike.
You are Valerie. = Your name is Valerie.
He is Bruce. = His name is Bruce.
She is Helen. = Her name is Helen.
It is a monument. Its name is the Pyramid.
We are the Smith family. = Our name is Smith.
You are the Smith family. = Your name is Smith.
They are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. = Their name is Smith.

"Name" is the subject of all these sentences:
My name is Mike.  
Your nameisValerie.
His nameisBruce.
Her nameisHelen.
Its nameisthe Pyramid.


Record! Compare!

Our name is Smith.
Your nameisSmith.
Their nameisSmith.

The subjects of these sentences are different: I, you, he, she, it; we, you, and they:

Itisthe Pyramid.

Wearethe Smiths.
Youarethe Smiths.
Theyarethe Smiths.


What's your name? Say "My name is [your name!]" Record! Listen to yourself!

Look at this. Possessive adjectives:
My, your, his, her, its, our, their - Click to listen:

My name   is Mike.
Your name   isValerie.
His name   isBruce.
Her name   isHelen.
Its name   isthe Pyramid.


Our name   isSmith.
Your name   isSmith.
Their name  

Record! Compare!



Use contractions. They are very common.

I am Mike = I'm Mike.
You are Valerie = You're Valerie.
He is Bruce. = He's Bruce.
She is Helen. = She's Helen.
It is the Pyramid. = It's the Pyramid.

We are the Smiths. = We're the Smiths.
They are the Smiths. = They're the Smiths.
My name is Mike. = My name's Mike.
Her name is Valerie. = Her name's Valerie.
His name is Bruce. = His name's Bruce.
Your name is John. = Your name's John.