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Lesson 24 - Exercise 20 - Job Summary

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1. Sue plays this instrument (Exercise 7).
2. This is Alan's job at the theatre (Exercise 4).
3. A medical doctor (Exercise 5).
4. They plan, design, construct, and manage (Exercise 18).
5. A cameraman or camerawoman in TV news jargon (Exercise 10).
8. Maureen's job. She organizes and lends books (Exercise 9).
9. Nicola's job. She takes care of sick (ill) people (Exercise 9).
10. Myra's job. She's responsible for (in charge of) a store (Exercise 17).
11. Elton's job. He uses an old word processor for this job (Exercise 13).
12. Ken and Tere have the same job. They are in charge of classrooms, and in imparting thinking skills, knowledge, and information (Exercise 16).


1. Paul works here, repairing cars (Exercise 1).
3. Kevin and Dave have the same job. Sometimes they arrest gangsters. (Exercise 16).
6. Stu's job, cutting and styling hair (Exercise 18).
7. George's job. He makes flowers grow (Exercise 4).
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