Lesson 29 - Like to do / Like doing - Exercise 3
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1 - enjoy (verb): like.

2 - Fall (noun): Autumn
(the season between Summer and Winter).

In this case, Fall is used as an adjective: Fall foliage.

3 - foliage (noun): tree leaves.


4 - hike (verb and noun): a long walk,
to take a long walk.

like hiking

5 - Getting in touch with nature:

Fill in the missing words:

Joe: Uhm, I really enjoy , ehm, going for drives, uh, in like*, where the Fall is, or like*, up in the mountains.
Interviewer: Driving and walking... ?
Joe: Yeah. Hiking in the mountains, getting with nature.

* This Like = "Uhm".     Joe (and all native speakers of English, in general) also use "like" as an interjection, which simply shows hesitation. It is similar to "uh", "eh", "er", or "uhm". Sorry about that! That's real English! Note that like has 46 different meanings according to Merriam Webster.