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Lesson 34 - Preparation: Vocabulary used in the Video

Teachers: Prepare your students for the vocabulary they will hear in the videos for this lesson.
Students: Read, and click on the play button to listen.

Vocabulary Term Definition and Audio Record yourself


At this moment, at the present time.

Prepare your microphone. Click on the red button. Speak into your microphone. Click on stop. Then click on play. Listen!

do a video =
make a video

verb + object

He's doing a video now. = He's making a video now.


1 - to ask yourself a question - to be filled with curiosity.

2 - To have a feeling of awe or admiration.
3 - To have a feeling of surprise.

In the video, the interviewer says to Fiona:

We are doing a video over here. Uh, it's to, to teach English. I am just wondering if we can ask you real quickly what you're doing.

In this case, in the video,
the interviewer uses "I am wondering" as a polite way to ask Fiona a question.

boot for feet

You wear boots on your feet!




The boot (UK)  is the trunk (US) of a car
A difference between British and American English.

The boot of the car = the trunk of the car =
a compartment of a car for holding luggage.

luggage = baggage

luggage = baggage (suitcases)
baggage in the boot

luggage in the trunk

baggage in the boot
baggage in the boot = luggage in the trunk
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