Lesson 37 - Doing - Exercise 1

Watch the video.
Present Continuous (or Present Progressive) Grammar Basics and 2 Questions

m or is or are + (verb)ing
Examples: They are running.    I am typing.    He is closing his shop.

Spelling - Three possibilites:

1 - For verbs ending with a vowel+consonant ("un" in "running", for example): double the consonant, then add ing
Examples: run - running      jog - jogging      pop - popping

2 - Verb ending with an e: Remove "e", add ing : close - closing      dance - dancing         smile - smiling

3 - For all the others, just add "ing":   cross - crossing       read - reading          paint - painting


Note the uses:
for something happening now. All of the videos in this lesson use the Present Continuous this way.
2) the near future (Example: I'm going to Europe next month), and 3) for long actions in progress (Example: He's studying to become a doctor).

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