Lesson 57 - Exercise 5 - The Present Perfect

Double-click on any word for an English definition (the best solution), or translate the text on this page. Be careful of the automatic translation! I just translated this page into French, and the translation is not good. This is because it is impossible to translate the Present Perfect tenses!

Pure Present Perfect: The interviewer asks "Have you ever travelled abroad?"
Vocabulary: 1 - ever (adverb): at any time
2 - abroad (adverb & adjective): out of one's own country, in a foreign country. Example: the USA is "abroad" for an Englishman, and England is "abroad" for an American.

Record. Click on the red button and speak into your microphone. When you are finshed, click on
"Stop". Stop button . Then click on Play Play(listen to yourself). Compare: Listen to yourself again. Listen to the teacher. Record again!