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Vocabulary Term Definition
brother-in-law (1)
countable noun

brother-in-law (2)
countable noun

Jess is Kathleen's brother-in-law
This example is from the video: Jess is Kathleen's brother-in-law. Kathleen is Jess's sister-in-law.
Jess is Susan's husband. Kathleen is Louis's wife.
Can and could for asking for information (for making requests).

This is very different from can as presented in
lesson 15.

Can you...? is polite. Could you... ? is more polite.


countable nouns

husband and wife
You got it wrong.
got it wrong
is an expression

wrong = false
(wrong is also an adjective, noun and verb)

You got it wrong.
countable noun

 The sign ( ' ) used for contractions, the possessive case, for certain plurals, and abbreviations.



an introduction

Helen is introducing Jim to Laura.
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