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Lesson 62 - Kelly on Nantucket, working for Endeavour Sailing Company

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Lesson 62:
Kelly on the Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts

Teachers; Check out the
serendipitous phone call:
very good material for classroom activities.

Level: A bit advanced,
but can easily be adapted
for your intermediate students.

Kelly is working for the
summer on the
Island of Nantucket, for a company called Endeavour Sailing.

We were very lucky that
somebody called Kelly
during our conversation.

You can hear what Kelly
says on the phone but
you must imagine what
the customer is saying
on the other end of the line.

As you will see,
she is taking calls from
people who want to rent
or charter sail boats.

Kelly's Phone Conversation
Very useful extract from the main video:

Video Transcript for the Classroom

Complete clip:

Same video:

This is an extract from the video, illustrating the serendipitous phone call:

"Telephone rings.
Interviewer: She has to do her business now.
Kelly: Just a minute.

Kelly on phone: Endeavour Sailing!

Customer: ???
Kelly: No, this is Kelly.

Customer: ???
All right. Sunday July 31st (July thirty-first). Okay.

Kelly: We have a 1 o'clock sail.
Customer: ???

Kelly: Uh-huh (yes). Okay. How many people?
Customer: ???

Kelly: All right, so what's the last name?
Customer: ???

Kelly: All right, and it'll be $325 (three hundred and twenty-five dollars). Let's see. I need to reserve it with a credit card number if that's all right.
Customer: ???

Kelly: No problem. We do. Yeah.
And the expiration date?
Customer: ???

I have used this in the classroom with much success. Students, as "customers", have come up with both funny and realistic dialogues, imagining what the customer says.

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