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Most videos include complete lessons,
but I haven't made the exercises for this video

Lesson 66: Dorothy What's her secret?

In respect of the interviewees' private lives, and despite the fact they sign release forms, we always remove anything they say which could cause them harm in any way.

In this particular case, we lowered the volume to zero when she answered one question. Your job is to find out what she might have said.

This silence is designed for a classroom activity.

Regular video:

Same Clip:

Dorothy is from Atlanta,
Georgia. She has a secret.

You will notice a silence
at a certain moement in
this clip. This is one of the
ways we respect your

Have you noticed that
we do not collect email
addresses on this site?
The only disadvantage
is that I would like to
send all Real English
users a Newsletter.
But it's impossible
because I don't know
anybody's email


Video Transcript

Video Transcript

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