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Lesson 69 - Achieve - Parts 1 and 2

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  Achieve = Accomplish
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What do you hope to
achieve before you die?

Parts 1 and 2. We make a
new version of this video
every year since we like
to ask this question
everytime we go out

These videos are a bit long:
the first one is is 3 min. 30,
and the second one is nearly
5 minutes, but they are
much shorter than
my first versions!

When I redo the
exercises for these clips,
I will make new,
short versions which
are manageable for quizzes.

Part 1, regular video:

Part 2, regular video:

Video Transcript Part 1
Video Transcript Part 2

Most lessons include
complete lessons

but I have not yet
made the exercises
for these clips yet.

We are very hard on
the interviewees,
and we have a habit
of asking hard questions.

Exercises coming as soon as possible.
 Comments are always welcome. Feedback from ESL / EFL teachers is precious.
mike AT
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