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Lesson 70 - A Long, Depressing Video Clip - The Economic Crisis

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Laurie (Distraught)  

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70: Hard Times - The Current Economic Crisis.

A sad, sad story
"Distraught Laurie"

I just looked at this video again and nearly decided to remove it from the Real English collection, simply because Laurie is so depressing. It's also very long, at nearly 7 minutes.

However, I decided to keep this clip since Laurie provides insight into the practical influence of economic downturns, which are regular occurences, and also because the clip includes commercial and financial vocabulary.

This is the only sad story in the entire Real English library. Laurie speaks normally, for people in distress; i.e., she is sometimes difficult to understand.

Video Transcript

From the top of her profession to the gutter.

Most Real English videos include lessons, but I havent made the exercises for this video yet.


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