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Lesson 9 - Telling the time - Listen to these examples and record.

Read, and click on the play button to listen.

Example Clock and Audio Always record yourself
and listen to yourself and the teacher
1 - Leslie: It's twenty to one. 20 to 1
Prepare your microphone. Click on the red button. Speak into your microphone. Click on stop. Then click on play. Listen!

2 - Leo: It's about seventeen minutes of twelve.
17 of 12
3 - Jim: Half past four.

half past 4

4 - Gerald: It's five o'clock.

5 o'clock
5 - Peter: About a quarter past four.
a quarter past 4

6 - Mary: What time is it? It is five minutes after two.

7 - Catherine: It's ten past three.

10 past 3

8 - Kevin: It's ten oh seven in the morning.

10 oh 7

9 - Steve: Eleven twenty-five in the morning.

11:25 a.m.
10 - John: Oh, about half past one.
       Janet: Ten past two.
       John: Oh well. Close.
10 past 2
Problems? You cannot record your voice or you don't hear yourself after recording? Please go to the Recording Support page.

Double-click on any word for an English definition, or translate.
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