Lesson 9 - Telling the time - Listen to these examples and record.

Read, and click on the play button to listen.
Example Clock and Audio

Always record yourself and listen to yourself and the teacher.

1 - Leslie: It's twenty to one. 20 to 1 Prepare your microphone. Click on the red button. Speak into your microphone. Click on stop. Then click on play. Listen! Problems? You don't hear yourself? Go to the Recording Support page.


2 - Leo: It's about seventeen minutes of twelve.

17 of 12


3 - Jim: Half past four.

half past 4 Record:

4 - Gerald: It's five o'clock.

5 o'clock Record:
5 - Peter: About a quarter past four.
a quarter past 4
6 - Mary: What time is it? It is five minutes after two.
5-after-2 Record:

7 - Catherine: It's ten past three.

10 past 3 Record:

8 - Kevin: It's ten oh seven in the morning.

10 oh 7 Record:

9 - Steve: Eleven twenty-five in the morning.

11:25 a.m. Record:

10 - John: Oh, about half past one.
Janet: Ten past two.
John: Oh well. Close.

10 past 2 Record: