Monkey-Waiter Lesson - Exercise 1

Study the vocabulary, watch, then choose the correct answers.

carry (verb): hold something while moving
wear (verb):
to have clothing on a person
scamper (verb)
: to run nimbly or playfully
bankrupt (adjective): financially ruined, having no more money
bankruptcy (noun): the state of being financially ruined
Note: a person can also be intellectually bankrupt, or morally bankrupt, for example.
tough (adjective): difficult and many other meanings! In this case, the journalist says “tough times for Tokyo’s restaurants”
gimmick (noun): something designed to attract attention or publicity.
economic downturn (adjective and noun): a drop in the success of the economy.
fixture (noun): Usually this means an object securely fixed in place, but in this case, it means a regular presence.