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This is the summary of Advanced videos - Go to Next Level -
One of the 4 conditional tenses.Lesson 59 - What would you do if you won 10 million dollars? The Second Conditional Tense.
Level: Upper Intermediate - Exercises coming soon.

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Real English is different. Students who have not lived in an English-speaking country should begin with Lesson 1! The people in the videos are spontaneous. Spontaneity is difficult for many students, just like real situations with strangers are difficult. The people seem to speak fast, but in reality, they are speaking at normal speed.

Real English is also different concerning "levels". Example: Lesson 43 is very easy because the people speak very clearly.

But they use a verb structure which is usually called "Intermediate". All the people you meet in Real English speak naturally, but some people speak more clearly, and more slowly than others.

On the other hand, "levels" are usually determined according to the relative difficulty of the grammar structure used in a lesson. When we say "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" we are speaking about grammar difficulty, not the way the people speak. This is why you will find some difficult beginner lessons & easy intermediate lessons!

The only video in Real English with Lesson 60 - Santa and Don Ray, Homeless in Florida. Check out the warning in the video introduction before using this clip in the classroom. Level: Advanced - Exercises coming later.

Dare to speak!Lesson 61 - Christina offers excellent insight into a problem for ESL students: take some advice from Christina and Karen! Level: Upper Intermediate. Exercises coming soon.

Classroom activity. Will sooon be an interactive lesson.Lesson 62 - Kelly - on the Island of Nantucket. Teachers: Excellent opportunity for classroom activities. This interview is serendipitously interrupted by a phone call. What is the person on the other end of the line saying? Level: Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Exercises coming very soon.

Monica from Montego Bay.Lesson 63 - Monica from Jamaica. Real English is based on native speakers of English, with a few exceptions. Sometimes we include "exotic" native speakers of English, such as Monica. Level: Advanced. Exercises coming soon.

Actually, she's his FUTURE mother-in-law. do they agree about ANYTHING?Lesson 64 - Darryl and Donna - Learn a Second Language? This clip was filmed in Miami Beach. Second languages are a touchy subject in south Florida. Why?
Level: Advanced. Exercises coming soon.

The great Dane.Lesson 65 - Dane - The interviewer thinks that Dane has the ideal life. Why? Do you agree? Level: Advanced - Exercises coming soon.

What's her secret?Lesson 66 - Dorothy from Atlanta, Georgia, USA 5 words are missing from this interview (silence instead of speech). What might they be? Excellent for Classroom Discussion: What do you think wasthe one thing Dorothy regretted? Why? Level: Advanced - Exercises coming soon.

Heather is a honey.Lesson 67 - Heather, a future documentary film maker... and an idealist?
Level: Advanced - Exercises coming soon, after we finish all the lessons for the Intermediate Clips.

My best year?Lesson 68 - What's been the best year of your life? A topical clip wherein the interviewees ingeniously reveal their values and aspirations. Level: Upper Intermediate - Exercises coming soon.

What do you hope to achieve before you croak?Lesson 69 - What do you hope to achieve before you die? Divided into 2 parts, each approx. 5 min. duration, these videos are regularly updated. Level: Advanced. Exercises coming soon.

A hard working girl goes bust.Lesson 70 - Distraught Laurie - This is proof that not all of Real English is cheerful. Here we meet a very distraught Laurie, a victim of an economic crisis.

And she can speak backwards! Watch her.Lesson 71 - Randee Mia Berman is a writer. She was writing a book about women and feminism when we met her in Manhattan. And she can speak backwards! Level: Advanced.

Lessons 72 through 79: See the special "extras" section.

Do you agree with Fernando?Lesson 80 - This is part 1 of 4 parts in the Second Language Series. This is the first interview with Fernando from Brazil. Good advice for many learners of English as a Second Language, but you might not agree with him! Level: Upper Intermediate. Lesson 80 Lesson.

Credits.The About Video: This clip touches the major bases for anyone interested in knowing about all the different people who have contributed to Real English since its initial creation in 1992.

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