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            The Second Language Tapes - Part 3

Second Language
Series 3:

Eric and Ernie speak very fast, so watch the version with subtitles if this is difficult for you.

Ernie and Eric

Watch the normal version (without the English subtitles) first, and afterwards, watch the version with the subtitles. When ESL students listen many times before reading, pronunciation is improved, and of course, listening comprehension skills are also improved.

Exercises coming soon! In the meantime, students can watch this version with precise Closed Captions(English subtitles):


In the next, and final video in this "Second Language Series, you will meet Donna and Daryl. Daryl is going to marry Donna's daughter next week. Donna will soon be Daryl's mother-in-law.

Learning a second language suddenly becomes a touchy subject. They certainly don't agree about who should learn a second language!

mailboxComments are always welcome. Feedback from teachers is precious:

Eric and Ernie are World War II reenactors. They are dressed like American soldiers from the 1940s.

Sometimes they speak in English and sometimes they speak another language. Which is their first language? What is Eric's advice? How did he learn his second language?

The 2nd Language Series:
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